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Mambalam SistersI have an audio clip here. It is an invocation on Lord Ganesha sung by Mambalam Sisters, the famous carnatic music duo, who have specialized in thematic concerts with their vast repertoire of kritis of almost all composers (vaggeyakaras).


The RSS feed (enclosure) for the audio file is working! I tested it just now with iPodder 🙂

There is a short but adequate tutorial on use of Podcasting in WordPress by Cris J Davis here.

If you are stuck in your attempt, please give me a holler.

12 thoughts on “Carnatic podcast

  1. S.K Post author

    Thanks, Chandrasekar.
    Yes, I’ll try and bung in more Carnatic music. It is heartening to know someone likes your work!

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  3. D Narasayya

    hi, i have been searching internet for this song for atleast last 1 year hoping some one would post it..

    Today my search has finally ended.. Thank you.

  4. sai


    Mamabalam Sisters are simply amazing! Modesty and Humility in the voice is worth a zillion. Had been to most of their concerts during this december festival in chennai. Loved this main piece rendered at sivagami petatchi auditorium….”sri Sathyanarayanam upasmahrth nityam”..can anyone send me this song?

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