Strange ad for house share


Here is what I found in a Manchester ad site:

hiya my names nishita im a indian female 22.i have a beautiful house. 1omins away from the city centre. with 42 lcd tv internet access really comfortable living eviroment with a modern look. i have two rooms available for rent in my house.

i have a foot fetish website, the reason why am telling you this is becouse i make vidoes for my website at home. and you will know.
you can be part of this or not its your choice.

i like my feet pamperd and kissed by another female, so i thought it would be great if i could find a female tenant with a foot fetish.

you have several choices

if you have a foot fetish, and want to make videos with me and pamper my feet then the rent will be 30 a week mabe less depending on person.


you can pay full rent 50 a week and have nothing to do with my feet mabe help taking pics etc with me. but not nessary

looking forward to hearing from you

I am not providing a link to that web page lest it would become an unintended advertisement.

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3 thoughts on “Strange ad for house share

  1. Sundaram

    Lovely twinkling feet!

    There are so many foot worshipers in India, if Orkut groups are any indication. But Manchesterians are lucky!

  2. Victor

    Yes. It is perfectly normal.

    Foot fetish is common and it is safer than other kinds of fads which involve exchange of body fluids.

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