Interpersonal Relationship

Your success in all your pursuits depends on how effective you are in interacting and transacting with your fellow human beings. You can’t afford to be an island or a recluse in this world! I have listed some techniques that you can practice to make the most out of your relationship with others that you rub shoulders with in the journey of life. Please read on!


5 thoughts on “Interpersonal Relationship

  1. Gokul

    Good observations, only if we all had the patience to internalise them. How did u fare in the implementation of these? 🙂

  2. S.K

    Thanks, Gokul.

    In fact I had learnt all this in the hard way!

    My wish is folks do not commit the mistakes that I did in not fully comprehending the pattern of human behavour and the sway of ego on the emotional reaction of people.

    May be I should write a comprehensive essay to supplement these snippets.



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