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GNB Centenary CoverGNB was hailed to be the Prince Charming of Carnatic Music. None before and none after him could sing like him!
Here are a couple of samples of GNB’s scintillating voice.

  1. “Paramukha melara” sung by GNB in the Raga “Surutti” and Adi Tala. A Thyagaraja kriti.
  2. Paramukha-Surati-Adi-Tyagaraja by GN Balasubramaniam

  3. How about this masterpiece of GNB – a Bharathiyar song (Ragamalika) – “Dikku theriyatha Kattil”

You can also view my web site on GNB and also download GNB’s music from there (courtesy Sangeethapriya) at the following URL: .


97 thoughts on “More on GNB

  1. Goutam Iyer

    Excellent job kiran….looking 4 more of any rare rendations of GNB from yu….keep up the good job man.

  2. Krishnaprasath

    Great posting and thanks for sharing the works of GNB. Looking forward for more.

  3. S.Sivaraman

    i really thank you for extending such rare pieces. i am greatly obliged and delighted. Thank you very much once again.

  4. S.K Post author

    Thank you Goutam Iyer, Krishnaprasath and S.Sivaraman.

    I’ll try and put more of GNB’s music very soon.

    Happy New Year!


  5. S.Sivaraman

    The link is not proper. we are unable to down load the full concert zip file. please do something

  6. S.K Post author

    Mr. Sivaraman,

    Are you refering to this link on the GNB site, which is part of the site?

    I tried it just now and the download works like a breeze.
    I used a d/l accelerator.

    But if you still have difficulties, pl give a shout. I’ll make an alternative arrangement for you.



  7. Srinivasan

    hi – Appreciate your efforts
    Wish you folks a very happy new year

  8. S.K Post author

    Thanks, thanks Srinivasan and Muralikrishna for your kind words.

    And I wish to warmly reciprocate your greetings!



  9. Girish Jamadagni


    Great job. Please keep it up. Looking forward to more such gems.

    Especially the record quality of the Surutti Krithi is excellent.

    I have some difficulty in downloading the Mysore concert. Will try again.

    Thanks – Girish jamadagni

  10. Sunil M B

    Dear S.K.,
    Great job.Please keep it going.
    Do let me know if I can be of any help to you.


  11. S.K Post author

    Thanks, Sunil, for your kind offer.

    My ISP at home (company LAN) has put in restrictions for uploading. That is why I am not able to provide a download link to Girish for the Mysore concert zip file. If you happen to be at Chennai and and possess broadband, You may like to help me in uploading from a CD. Alternately, you may try and d/l individual songs from the GNB site, compress them and upload the .zip file to file repositories like

    And @Girish, could you pl tell me the exact nature of the problem. And thanks for your kind words.

    @Bhaskar, it is very nice of you to compliment my effort.

    Happy New Year!



  12. shamini gayatri krishnan

    thanks a lot for sharing gnb sir’s concert and info with other rasikas.
    happy new year and may god bless you with the best always

  13. Sivakumar T

    I believe that you have done a good job and of course a great service to the carnatic music and its lovers.

    Kaumaaram Sivakumar T

  14. Dr.Ram Mohan

    It has been really a happy new year because I was able to download GNB’s songs from ur site. Thanx. Wish you a happy 2006 and beyond so that u may give us more GNB!!!

  15. Mrs Janakipattabiraman

    Dear SK
    I enjoy your sangeethapriya site. As a rasika I am a frequent visitor to this site to listen the music collections.

    The collections of GNB, somu, KVN and udayalur kalyanaraman are superb.
    wish you happy new year and i wish you all wishes in your endevours.
    janaki pattabiraman
    Ramya Pattabiraman

  16. D Aravamudan

    Hats off to you Dear SK.

    A real praiseworthy job and great service to our evergreen Karnatak Music….

    Pls keep up the good work..


  17. Dr.P.Ramakrishnan

    It is wonderful worth millions of dollars.When I listen I feel these recordings
    should be preserved and passed on to generations to follow.Your broadmindedness to share your happiness with others by listening
    to these rare pieces needs to be appreciated.
    God bless you.

  18. S.K

    Shri. K.V.Chellappa
    Ms. Shamini Gayathri Krishnan
    Shri. Sivakumar.T
    Dr. Ram Mohan
    Ms. Janaki Pattabiraman, Pattabiraman and Ramya Pattabiraman
    Shri. D.Aravamudhan
    Dr. P.Ramakrishnan

    Thanks for your kind words.

    They make my efforts worth it.

    I’ll podcast more of GNB in the forthcoming posts.



  19. V.Seshadri

    GNB is my favourite singer-He is par excellence a step above the rest. His inimtable style coupled with his rich voice has no equal or parallel
    What you have achieved here,bringing his wealth to the general admirers of GNB music is unrivalled-It is a revelation! I got to this by a fluke.
    Please keep it up and ggood luck


    You,shyam and many other such great souls
    make me feel life is all not that bad…
    and it is worth living long…


  21. Parameshwar Natarajan

    I have a good collection of concerts of vintage artists including GNB. How do I put them on this site for rasikas to download?

  22. S.K

    Thanks for your offer, Mr. Natarajan.

    If you could give me more details about your location, the size of your collection, the format, bitrate of encryption (if it is in MP3 format) etc, I can arrange for their uploading on the site.

    I await your reply.



  23. sreekeshava

    Collections are superb.
    Excellent work done by putting GNB’s collections in One place like this.

    But the Mysore(GNB-Chowdiah-Palani-1957) concert link is having some problem with zip file.
    I downloaded the zip file.
    It downloaded successfully.
    After downloading the zip file, it is not opening properly. its giving some error.

  24. Ramanathan

    Dear SK,

    Thanks for the Sangeethapriya site. You are doing a great service to Carnatic Music. Thanks to you, though living in a place like Indonesia, we are able to enjoy Carnatic Music Concerts.



  25. Ramakrishnan

    This is a wonderful collection of the great musical genious. Thanks for the service that you did. You deserve a great appreciation for uploading these wonderful masterpieces.
    But the edukula khamboji is not complete.

    Thanks once again.


  26. Nagesh Nallappa

    A yomen service to carnatic lovers and specially to GNB fans!

    Grateful indeed.

  27. Arun

    Nice songs. Always it is so refreshing to listen to GNB. I was very impressed with the clarity of the recordings.

  28. M.KANNAN


  29. Hareesh

    Thank you for providing carnatic music lovers like me to have this wonderful feast by great master GNB and expecting more from you.

  30. Ramsubramnian. K.S.

    This is a great job. Carnatic lovers like you are the key to preserve the masterpieces of traditonal architects of Carnatic classics.
    ALL the best.

  31. Venkatramani

    The names of accompanists for the caption”Here is a concert”:
    Lalgudi Jayaraman -Palani Subbudu
    This concert was at Shree Shanmukananda Hall Bombay in the late fifties.

  32. KR Raghunathan

    Ingenious attempt. I was dying to get real music on web and one of my friends told me about this. I am immensely pleased and hats of to you for the yeomn service you are doing to the music lovers.
    God bless you.
    Raghu, Delhi (at present in Sydney)

  33. chandramouligs

    really very good work!!!!
    It is commendable that you have taken pains to digitize and upload

  34. K.Balaji

    Its really a wonderful job. I was so happy about the rare renditions of GNB. Is the Song THIKKU THERIYADHA KATTIL by GNB available?


  35. .V. Rajaraman

    Dear sir,
    It is wonderful collection. Have you got Brochavaeveroora in kamas

  36. S.Viswanathan


    It is really great and enjoyable, Looking for more like this. Thanks

  37. Dr.K.H.Nagabhushan

    Really commendable job
    I feel because of such people like you only the calassical carnatic music has not become extinct & still alive

  38. k sundaram

    Dear Kiran,
    I heard GNB concert in this. It is too good. I am an ardent lover of GNB concert. Most of my time I used to listen his concerts only. I prefer listening concert type rather than selected songs in audio cassette. If you have many more like what you have given here, please upload for people like. Regards,

  39. k sundaram

    Dear Kiran,
    I heard GNB concert in this. It is too good. I am an ardent lover of GNB concert. Most of my time I used to listen his concerts only. I prefer listening concert type rather than selected songs in audio cassette. If you have many more like what you have given here, please upload for people like. iT IS A GREAT TREAT

  40. Dr. T M S Nedungadi

    Dear Sir,
    I chanced aupion the site just aweek ago. It was a revelation indeed.Your efforts and especially the broadminded unselfish non commercial (in today’s moolah oriented world!)mentalty has no parellel. May God Bless you. Correct me if I am wrong; were yoou in Nairobi by any chance during 1979-80/81? Rgrds
    Dr.TMS Ndungadi

  41. S.K Post author

    Dear Dr. Nedungadi,

    Yet to get an opportunity to visit Nairobi, capital of Kinshasa (aka Congo), Right?

    Thanks for your kind words.



  42. gurumurthy venkatesan

    When I heard the song radha samedha krishna, it was scintilitating. excellently sung and recorded. I listened to the song 10 times continuously. very good. keep it up.

  43. Dr. T M S Nedungadi

    Dar Sk
    The GNB piece with a train chugging along in the background reminded me of one Mr KRISHNAN who was in Kenya ( with Nairobi as its Capital )who was kind enough to give me a copy of the same concert on an audio CD which I preserve even today!! Hence the Query
    I got it somewhere in 1980 when I worked as a consultant Surgeon in one of the Dist Hospitals in Kenya.I still have this cassete preserved.Hence the doubt Nice to know about the divers spread of GNB fans. Regards
    Dr TMS Nedungadi


  44. Murali

    Delighted to know that there are so many GNB fans. I have a few GNB collection in MP3 format at 128kbps. How to upload to your site, so that all our friends can listen and enjoy?

  45. sridhar

    GNB is my all time favourite. What is the reason for his death at such a young age?

  46. S.K Post author


    GNB had a cardiac problem. He was out of action for about 10 years. But after he resumed singing, his ardent rasikas expected the same old verve from him. Hence he overstretched his limits. He then migrated from Chennai (aka Madras) to Trivandrum and became Principal pf Swathi Thirunal Music college. He got another attach there which he could not survive. 🙁

    55 was very much an young age for a singer.

    Thank God we have quite a few of his recordings, though not from his younger days, which were full of vigour and vitality.



  47. Prasanna

    Dear S.K,

    Thank you for the wonderful collections. Your site has given me a great opportunity to listen to many a great songs.:mrgreen:
    Keep up the Great Work !!!!

    Best Regards,

  48. Mahadevan

    There is a nattakkurinji RTP by GNB where the pallavi is “Nee Mahima Koniyada Tharama?”. i have searched the net for it – only a partial version is available at you please send me a link to the whole concert if you have it ?

  49. M.R.Venkataraman

    You have aroused my memories of mytwenties hearing the Great Master. Now in my sixtees after hearing your contribution he is really a greatest Master. My pranams to you Sir

  50. S Srinivasa sarma

    my dear friend
    this is remarkable. 0nly today i went thru this and found Aragimbave, rAdA samEdA etc.
    you deserve our special thanks. luvs/rgds-guruvayoorappa- sarma

  51. g.raju

    excellent sir, live long. nice to hear such wonderful songs . thanks a lot.

    g.raju chennai

  52. kannan

    S.K I do not have words to express my gratitude to u. I am an ardent fan of Chembai. Madurai Mani Iyer and GNB. After going thru the GNB collection of urs I am thrilled to the core. Once again my heartfelt thanks and kudos for the effort put in.

  53. S.K

    A zillion thanks to all those who have recorded their comments. I am really overwhelmed by the appreciation I have received from you for my tiny little effort!

    May your tribe grow!


  54. S.K Post author

    I have just added two more songs of GNB in my latest post.

    Click on the link “Weblog” on top navigation bar.



  55. Padma Lakshmi

    Hi there…I found your site via Yahoo! when i was searching for lakshmi shankar, and this post regarding More on GNB really sounds very interesting to me.. Thanks.

  56. cmkay7

    GNB is unforgettable phenomena. It is purely due to God’s grace alone one would have a chance of hearing his voice.

  57. k.pkuppuswamy

    it is a wonderfull work for collecting the most valuble songs of G.N.B.thanks a lot for your contribution to carnatic musuic lovers

  58. ravishankar

    the zip file when i download and try to open it is giving an error. can u help

  59. Vaidyalingam K

    Hello Mr.Kiran! I am 67 years old. Used to hear Shri GNB in Shanmukananda auditorim in 70s. Many thanks for you.

  60. M.Uma Maheswar Rao,

    Dear Sir,
    Thank for your great work on GNB. Kindly collect his Saveri raga’s Patnam Subhramanyam Iyer Kruti ‘ Yetu Nmina O Manasa’. Mostly available with AIR.

    Kindly let me know the GNB family.

    thanking you,
    Uma Maheswar Rao

  61. kesavamhurthy

    Thank you for extending a great chance of enjoying the matchless GNB. Wish to hear his Swaminatha paripalama, Brochevarerura, Samajavaragamana, Tjikkutheriyatha kattil etc

  62. Pragadeeshwaran

    Dear Mr.S.K

    Thanks for such a great job done by you..It’s really amazing to hear the songs of GNB the great.

    Just FYI.. the links for Ariyakudi Sri Ramanuja Iyengar is not working in the sangeethapriya web link..Pls help me to hear his songs by providing the links.


  63. M.Ramaswamy

    Dear Mr S.K,
    Many thanks for the great service to the rasikas.I visited your site for the first time today and heard couple of songs.The experience was enjoyable.Please keep it up.

  64. venu

    Dear S.K.
    GNB the three letters was one of the greatest carnatic musician of his time.Handsome and versatile GNB was responsible for creating a lot of rasikas.He was also an actor and teamed up with the only one MS in Sakunthaai which saw the duo appear on the screen and singing melodiously to please the music lovers.Incidentally today is the Centenary of GNB and I am very happy to get your introduction Please include me in your playing XI.One point I am stressing here is that for my identification I am a FANATIC of legendary Madurai Mani Iyer.MMI& GNB were very great friends

  65. A.Ramaswamy

    Dear SK,

    Yhanks for the site ienjoyed the music of great GNB

    I have attended many performance o GNB during 40s I never had occassion to listen to his music afterwards as i had to take up a job in the railways (M&SM RLY) now at my fag end of my life ichnced to
    listen to rasikapriya.I was thrilled with his TODI alapana. Kindly post some more of his kutcheris Thanks Kausik1922 Boston area

  66. A.Ramaswamy

    Dear SK,

    Thanks for the site ienjoyed the music of great GNB

    I have attended many performance o GNB during 40s I never had occassion to listen to his music afterwards as i had to take up a job in the railways (M&SM RLY) now at my fag end of my life ichnced to
    listen to rasikapriya.I was thrilled with his TODI alapana. Kindly post some more of his kutcheris Thanks Kausik1922 Boston area

  67. S.K

    Dear Shri. Ramaswami,

    Thanks for your kind visit.

    Though I’d like to offer more concerts of GNB from my collection, I’m unable to do so since GNB’s sons have requested us not to provide his music for download since they intend to monetise it.

    But if you dig deep into, you may find some more concerts.

    Having said that, considering your age and the privilege you had to listen to the great master live (which we never had a chance), I can arrange to send a few songs personally to you, if you can mention your preferences specifically to me addressed to skichu [at] gmail dot com.



  68. Kaamajakaaya

    Hi there, I found your blog via Google while searching for first aid for a heart attack and your post looks very interesting for me.

  69. N Narayan

    Dear SK Sir,

    At the onset i would like to thank you for the yeomen service which you are doing for carnatic music lovers .I am visiting this website for the first time and i must tell you that the your collection is amazing . I thank you once again for the same . One request if you you could add Thaamadamein swamy from Raaga THodi i would be extremely greatful

    I am in office completing my work and simultaneously listening to GNB sir’s performance .

    Many thanks & Regards


  70. M. Srinivas Dixit

    I like GNB music very much I have collected many songs from Sangeethapriya. I request you to give me GNB songs through mail nediafire. 1. Gnamosagarada, Samayamutelisi, Sevikkavendum, Upacharam Bhairavi, Vinayakunivalenu -madyamavati, Kapi ragam your song is very good Radha mukha Kamala Lyrics I have.


    Dear Mr S.K,
    A lot of thanks for the precious service to the music rasikas. I am also a fan of Sri.GNB. I visited your site today and heard Sri.GNB’S songs. I am highly appreciating your hardwork. I am praying to Lord Sri Padmanabha to shower his blessings to you and your family with good health and longliveness.

  72. Gopi

    Thanks for providing us an opportunity to listen to GNB recordings.
    Maa Ramanan – Hindolam
    Maragatha Vallim – Kambodhi
    Manasu Nilpa – Abhogi

    The links to above songs listed in Sangeethapriya are not working.

    also is it possible to upload get Vidajaladura-Janaranjani by GNB

    Thanks once again.


  73. G.N. Balakrishnan

    It was a plesant surprise for me to read your observations on my brother Sri GNB. I am very grateful to all the rasikas and greatly indebted for your abiding interest in his music, even after more than 45 years after his untimely death. In one of the remarks, it is stated that due to cardiac prblems, he was out of action for 10 years. Kindly allow me to correct the wrong impression. He did not sing only for one year in the early 50s, I think it was 1953, and after that he resumed his concerts. Though I am in my late 70s, my regards and pranams for the sustained interest, all of the rasikas are showing towards, his music. Thanks. G.N. Balakrishnan

  74. G.N. Balakrishnan

    Thanks, Mr Gopi for your postings of 23rd, Jan, 2011, which I chanced to see to-day only. The Keerthana Vidajalathura in Janaranjani was very popular in the 40s after which, my brother, never sang this song. There are quite a few more krits like,
    Nannupalimpa- Mohanam
    Vandesada padmanapam- Navarasa Kannada
    Aparadamula – Lathangi
    Janani Ninnuvina in Ritigowla
    Ramabhi Rama
    etc etc.
    These were great hits in 1940s after which, he started popularising other keerthanas. Since there was no recording facilities, I do not think, any of these are available.
    If any one has any of these somgs, I shall be extremely grateful if they upload them.
    G.N. Balakrishnan

  75. malladi narayana sarma

    I remember my boy hood . Once GNB had a concert in my home town ‘Eluru’ . I have my sweet memories of his music. I (along with my brother) had the opportunity to support him with Tambura .we had the blessings like this in 2 occasions. really we were blessed with stalwarts of south like GNB.. I am an ‘A’ grade vocalist of AIR. thank you

  76. G.N. Balakrishnan

    I just chanced to see the link and was really delighted. I am the youngest and only brother of GNB. There are no recordings of his HEYDAYS, from 1940 to 1951/52, when he had the first Heart attack. He restricted giving only 15/20 performances per month after that. If you have any recordings, except for the 5 gramophone recordings of 1930s, after which only he he started acting in films. In total, he had acted in 5 movies, 1. Sathi Leelavathi, 2. Bhama Vijayam, . In both these he acted as Co-star as NARADA, singing 8 to 10 songs in each of them. After this only in 1940/41, he acted in his 3rd movie SAKUNTHALAI, along with MS, as DUSHYANTHA. The 4th film was UDHAYANAN VASAVADATTA, where he was the hero acting with the then heart throb, VASUNDHARA DEVI ( mother of Vaijayanthi mala. The last and 5 th also in 1941 or 1942, he acted as Rukmamghada, as hero with two heroines.
    If you have, by any chance, his concert recordings prior to 1950/51, I would request you to share them in FB. Several songs like Kailasanathena (Khambodhi), Etavunara (kalyani) , Vandesada Padmanabham ( ( Navarasa kannada). etc etc and Thukkadas , mostly Ragamalikas like 1. Chinthi Arindhu vadi, 2. Namakkini Bhayamedhu , Kripaya Palaya , And great songs like JANANI NINNUVINA IN REETIGOWLA , ertc etc. I shall be extremely grateful.
    I am now 88 years old and living with my son in Bangalore( from Dec, 2021).
    Thank you so much.
    E mail id:

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