Raga Kappal Ragamalika by Mambalam Sisters

Here is another one (as a Proof of Concept!).

This piece of Carnatic Music in Thamizh (Tamil) is set in 26 Ragas with the names of ragas voiced as part of the lyric.

Mambalam Sisters“Odam” (Boat) is a Ragamalika of 26 Ragas string like a diamond necklace, rendered by Mambalam Sisters with their sweet voice.

This piece of carnatic music is provided purely for enabling appreciation of carnatic music.


7 thoughts on “Raga Kappal Ragamalika by Mambalam Sisters

  1. Chandrasekar

    SK, the volume of this song is not good. You may want to correct this. Nevertheless, the song / rendition is very good.

  2. S.K Post author

    Thanks Chandrasekar. I will change the file with a better one of higher bitrate tomorrow. I shall give a download link also.

  3. Ashwathi

    🙂 Excellent song. I’ve never heard of this song and it’s been sung beautifully. Thanks a lot for enabling us to listen to it.

  4. Nandita


    The song “Odam” was really creative and sung well too with vigour.

    Thank you for enabling us to listen to it.



  5. Shreedarshan

    I would like to know where I could get more cassetes/cd’s of Mambalam sisters, especially in Bangalore. I would also like to have a list if possible , of their releases.

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