5 second tomfoolery

5 Second RuleHeard about the (in)famous “5 second rule” of dropped food?

For the sake of those folks who are allergic to out-navigating from my blog, here is an explanation of the prime elements of this rule:

Ever dropped a cookie on the floor, yelled “Five-second rule!”, then quickly picked it up and popped it into your mouth? The assumption is that five seconds is not a long enough time for your food to pick up harmful bacteria. The exact origin of this urban legend is unknown, but supposedly, Genghis Khan was the first to make such a claim, specifying a lenient 12 to 20 hour period for food left on the ground to remain safe. The fast food industry also has been credited with the “rule,” supposedly to help minimize food waste. Whatever its origin, the “5 second rule” has become a readily accepted practice by young and old alike, especially to rationalize the eating of sweet foods like cookies that have fallen to the ground.

And an interesting find by a survey shows that women are more likely than men to eat food that has been on the floor! May be they are more active conservationists!

Ok, Now enjoy this video clipping on the 5 second crap!

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