Left and right brain dominance

Tell me quick, what direction does this picture seem to be spinning? Clockwise or counterclockwise?

Spinning girl - Brain Teaser!

If you feel it is clockwise, you are predominantly right brained, and if you vote for anticlockwise, you are left brained. For some, it alternates between the two directions. But how it strikes your eye first is the criterion.

And right brain controls creativity, imagination, images, love, fantasies etc. while left hemisphere controls functions that are logical, realistic, factual, remembering names, inter alia.

Now, are you a Leftist or a Rightist? 😆

(From: Anirudh)

4 thoughts on “Left and right brain dominance

  1. Uri Kalish

    This is MY theory:

    It’s just a shadow. You can’t really tell if the image is facing forward or backward, but since we are used to people looking at us, our first impression is that the dancer is looking at us. The dancer’s leg is moving left, stops, right, stops etc. If on the split-second your eyes saw the image, the dancer’s leg was moving left – you would think that she was spinning clockwise. If it was moving right – you would think that she was spinning counter-clockwise. From that point, your brain had already decided which direction the dancer was spinning and it would be very difficult to change your mind without looking away. It is NOT about whether you are logic or artistic, but the exact split-second your eyes first saw the image.

    How’s my theory?

  2. S.K Post author

    Thanks a bundle Uri Kalish.

    Your theory sounds logical. But the moot point is whether you are looking at the body or the movement of legs. When I did a bit of Googling, I found that this pic has done a merry go round through many newsmagazines (web) from Australia and hopped through many a blog before landing on mine!

    If you dig into it the way you have analyzed it, well, the thing may have nothing to do with the left vs right conundrum, but a mere instantaneous incident vision! May be it is one of those Urban Legends!! 🙂

    Let us circulate your theory and wait till what the pundits muse about it!



  3. K.Balaji

    The first moment my eyes fell on the spinning legs of the figure, I felt its moving counterclockwise! I kept watching, but after a while it starts moving clockwise! 🙄

  4. Will

    Usually it is spinning clockwise for me, but every now and then there is a jump and it goes counter for a while. It is either a trick, or my mind is playing a trick on me!

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