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CyberBrahma (सैबर्ब्रह्मा)

Brahma, the creatorBrahma is the metaphor for creation of everything in the universe: its laws, its inherent intelligence, and its consciously manifested potencies – including the realm of Cyber World and hence the name of this site!

Now that the mystery behind the name is settled, let us delve into the inner vaults of this site where you will find some interesting content: my articles, my blog posts as well as nuggets of one-liners and quotations that would come in handy for you when asked to write intelligent somethings on autographs and slam books!

Miracle, that is Life!

Please read this excellent piece on Ten Steps to Inner Happiness written by W. Bradford Swift DVM, Founder & Chief Visionary Officer, Life on Purpose Institute and the author of Traveling the Purposeful Path.

This site contains essays on Inter-personal relations, Inspirational stuff, Art of Successful living on this planet, in addition to a collection of aphorisms and nuggets of wisdom. And my blog too!

A Day Begins……!
Cherish the day like a flower and you will be rewarded with the bouquet of your life!

quoteAt dawn the confusions of yesterday are history.
There is a new day ahead!
A day that never was before!

The Morning Mantra!
Chant this daily! Make your day fruitful!

“So here hath been dawning,
Another blue day
Think, wilt thou let it
Slip useless away!”

~ THOMAS CARLYLE in his poem entitled[1] titled, “Today”.

Never let today be a carbon copy of yesterday or any other day. Make every day unique by attempting something new, causing something to change, making new friends, helping someone, spreading goodwill, reading a book, writing a few lines, thanking someone, smiling at someone, fondling a child, enjoying the beauty of creation…!

What a wonderful life, savour every moment of it.

Please navigate around the various pages containing my essays forming part of my repertoire. The links on the right under the caption, “Knowledge Base”. They can also be reached from the “My Pulpit” link at the top horizontal bar.

I have tried to make this site with usability of my visitors in mind. If you feel it can still be improved to enhance visitor experience, please share your thoughts with me through the “Contact me” page.



[1] I had used the word “entitled” to denote that the book had such a title but I learnt from WordReference Forum and Writing Tips that “titled” is the correct usage. Hence the change.

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    hi, Love your site and think i should link up with you.

    I am a designer from ghana, west africa.And a student, I run projects for companies in the ITC industry. I setup cafes, design web sites, service computers etc.

    I also organize events for companies, in the music industry.
    I enjoy my work because I do it with all my will……..I think because I love it

  3. Uwaoma Ngozi Helen

    i need information on the things i should do or i am supposed to do to make my honey Petit very happy with me because i love him very well and would ove to spend my whole life with him.

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    Very informative site which has been split in to three. Happy to see a saperate site exclusively for matters relating to Tamil.

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    i am student of our home i like this site very much i am present third year
    i got more information from your site

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    impressive, after seeing this site my frnd has turned to eager in joining to our missoin

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    i think u are enjoying Ur tour,take care of Ur health sir please send any information that u gather in us.take care sir bye.

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