Wanna increase traffic to your blog?

There was an interesting discussion on this subject as a sub-thread of the blog entry of Doug Campbell (yes, the WordPress guy!) on spamming.

This is what Jeff Watson lamented on that blog:-

At least you get spammers, I can’t even get anyone to read my blog. Any Ideas without being too technical, on how to increase my audience?

And the response:-

The first thing is to make sure that you are posting content that others are interested in reading. If you are writing about articles that you’ve read elsewhere, make sure that you link to them, and send a trackback, if the other site allows it. Also, once you’ve posted your article, make sure you actually follow the links from your site to the other sites – this ensures that the other authors will see your site as a referer, and might interest them in visiting your site, as well.

Secondly, participate in conversations on other websites, forums, and mailing lists (as long as you have something relevant to add to the discussion, of course). Make sure that you correctly post your blog’s URL (you didn’t put in the whole address in the comment on my site, I am going to add the “.com” in there so that visitors to my site will be able to click through to you) on blog comments, and make an email signature that includes the address as well.

Gathering new, regular readers is a slow, uncertain process, but those two things should give you a good groundwork to build an audience. Participation on other sites will help you attract new eyes. Good content will help you keep them.

I think you can create a stampede if you persistently follow this advice. After you become a bad habit with surfers, even rank banalities will be lapped up, duly attributing cryptic and enigmatic meaning to your nondescript expressions.

But first, create a magnet!

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6 thoughts on “Wanna increase traffic to your blog?

  1. Shakthiprabha

    hi sk

    GOOD ARTICLE. Sensible points. I guess
    many may not openly agree to the point that they do need to increase traffic, WOULD LOVE TO increase, and WOULD WANT TO work for it.

    Yes, definitely back-end jobs would be on for them too.

    Good going.

  2. S.K Post author

    Thanks, Narayanan.

    One more technique:

    Leveraging the blog’s URL as an identity of yourself – part of your CV and business card.

    Come to think of it, several such ideas cascade in my mind. May be I must test them and then post then here! 😉


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