Good news for Blogsloths!

Pundits always advocate writing unique, original and creative content on your blog to be magnetic. But isn’t it a lot of work? Plus you have to rack your brains to dish out some bytes that are readable! Why bother when there is a better alternative!

Lazy bloggers of the world have a saviour in Wayne Liew who has come up with a novel list of “5 advantages of blogging about what others are blogging about” in his blog. Vote for him if he stands for US president’s office or buy him a cup of decaf (or, at least post a comment on his blog. Good man, this Wayne!). We netsloths have very few champions to our cause!

Now to the real advantages:

  1. Free yourself from pressure
    Unique contents need time, effort and also your own flair in writing to make the whole articles up. But just quoting some catchy content of other blogs (like what I am doing right now!) saves time and energy, which can be more gainfully wasted!
  2. Pitching traffic from source articles
    Linking with others’ blogs will have a cascading effect of pingback and backlink thus enabling your blog, which lies at the blogosphere’s dark corners, have a few eyeballs at last!
  3. You have different base of readers
    Regular readers of Wayne Liew may have the exposure to the world’s best blog, that is mine. This is an example of what kind immense contribution you can make to the blog universe by quoting from others’ blogs.
  4. Your opinion is precious
    Ha, look at this. You can enhance the original blog entry by supplementing it with your own original thoughts. Two heads are better than one!
    Wayne adds: Some readers are your fans. (Izzt!) They don’t listen to others and they only want your opinion on certain doubts. This is why even you blog about something hot, people will not leave. You have your own opinions on that particular matter and only even your writing style is the one wanted by your readers.
  5. Networking with fellow bloggers
    This is the pièce de résistance!

    You enter into a discussion or flame war (whichever is your wont!) and create more visitors who join the chorus, both for and against. By the law of averages you are sure to end up with more virtual acquaintances, thus enhancing your network! Clever, eh!

Read more in the original blog entry. Look, I am not plagiarizing, nor usurping all the credit for this highly innovative blogging tip. How noble of me!!

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