Eat the Sun; you don’t need food!

Mr. Hira Ratan Manek, 67 year old Indian living in U.S has evolved a phenomenon of “sun gazing”, through which you gather all the energy you need for survival directly from the sun. You don’t need any solid food. Yes, he hasn’t eaten any food since 1995!

If you think I am kidding, visit his Solar Healing Centre and begin practicing union with the Sun God!

His method is christened on himself (HRM) and basically includes gazing at the sun during zero-UV “safe hours”, to wit, “anytime within 1-hour window after sunrise or anytime within the 1-hr window before sunset”.

You can get the details of his magic potion from his site or by purchasing his merchandise!

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9 thoughts on “Eat the Sun; you don’t need food!

  1. saieditor

    not in my country would you go out in the sun for long periods… we have a hole in the ozone layer and lots of people with skin cancer.

    What he is really doing is living on prana… you know, the pranamaya kosa…

  2. Carmen Cordelia

    I haven’t eaten in over a week, and I’m fine. I’m considering going off food permanently at some point.

  3. read

    u need to read carefully what HRM said…
    sure he did not eat food but he drink special milk…… that its…:idea:

    he put the food in the milk..!…:?:
    u never see what kind of milk he drink, because he will not show it to you..:!:

    so, dont be fool guy…… ­čść

  4. K. Ramachandran

    This man HRM as he is called must be an extraordinary person. One can try the method enunciated and can get the first hand experience oneself without scoffing at it. Mind has enormous power and this method also appears to be inextricably intertwined with mind power. The only sad part is that only one in 10000 is able to achieve something like this and becomes a VIP. Let one honestly try the method.
    Thanks to SK for bringing out such info. SK’s blog appears to be a treasure house of interesting things and anecdotes. Should explore the blogs further and in depth.

  5. Dee

    Any person with an active pineal gland can feed off of the sun. This is why the sun wakes us up each morning. Before we entered into a fallen state, man eat entirely from the sun. This information is kept from us so we can consume all of the poisons packaged as food. Brown and black people can especially feed because our pineal gland, or third eye, is alive and active waiting for energy from the sun. This will promote mental, spiritual and physical health.

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