Exotic birds at RanganaThittu.

Photos taken at the RanganaThittu Bird Sanctuary near Mysore on the river Cauvery 4 kms from Srirangapatna and 18 kms from Mysore in South India. It houses exotic birds from as far away as Siberia and even North America. Crocodiles basking in the sun are also a familiar sight.

Ranganathittu is indeed a visual delight. And the excitement continues. Wherever you turn, you will find exotic birds. It may be the open-bill stork, the white ibis, egret, heron, partridge or even the cormorant trying to say hello!
Here is the link to my Google Photo Album of Rangana Thittu Sanctuary.

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6 thoughts on “Exotic birds at RanganaThittu.

  1. trench

    Looking nice. Using Sadish theme I see. You might want to find a way to get rid of the boxes around your smilies!:grin:

  2. ezee123

    nice pics.. where are the others ?
    was there in Ranganthittu recently. Took some pics.. a few uploaded at my lj blog.

  3. S.K Post author


    You can view all my photos shot at Rangana Thittu in my gallery here!


    And your close up photos are excellent. You have captured the moods and soul!


  4. Ezee123

    Thank you for your kind words.

    I am back on this thread on doing a check on tages for my posts. Found this again. Great

    Will see your photos straight away.

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