Yelping help!

YelpYelp! is a novel service that helps you get recommendations from your friends and the community even on such mundane things like where to get a good bite!

Instead of just asking a friend yourself for his recommendation one-to-one, you try to use Yelp! and you get the benefit of the experience of all its members. Sort of network of recommendations that cascade.

But it is U.S-centric.

In India, there are several web sites viz:, etc that provide you the co-ordinates and minimal data about the companies, business and services available.

In Chennai (India), there a free information service run by a private organisation which gives you the address and telephone number of any shop or a service provider within Chennai city – be it a physician, eatery or transport. Anything. All you have to do is dial 2222 2222. Easiest number to remember.

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