Run out of steam for blogging!

Yes. It happens to any one – be a writer or a blogger. You have been busy writing for quite a while, but suddenly found your mind hitting a blind alley. No inspiration! They call it a “Writers’ block” or, more appropriately, a “Blogger’s block”!

Pat B. Doyle has come up with a list of 23 “Great ideas” to help gird up your loins and start blogging with verve!

Here are the excerpts:-

  1. Write a book review.
  2. Review a product
  3. Review a popular blog or website about your topic.
  4. Make a list of available resources.
  5. Explain something about your subject that might be confusing to newbies.
  6. Tell why or how you first got interested in this topic.
  7. Do a review of a relatively unknown but good blog in your niche.
  8. Take a stand.
  9. Tell about some mistake that you made and what you learned from it.
  10. Do a case study.
  11. Conduct an experiment and tell the results.
  12. Do an analysis of something.
  13. Find some offbeat or weird website on your topic and link to it.
  14. Find a good video about your topic on YouTube, and embed it in your post.
  15. If you are a little more adventurous, create your own video post.
  16. Be different. Do something unexpected. State something which goes against popular opinion.
  17. Find a big topic and do a series of posts about it.
  18. Run a poll. After it is done, discuss the results.
  19. Interview someone and post the interview on your blog.
  20. Take something technical and explain it in a step-by-step way.
  21. Tell about a personal experience.
  22. Use humor.
  23. Make a list of something like this one!

I wish to add my own tip: if stuck with a block, start writing about it!

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