Your world in a GAD

Introducing a new kind of social networking through “Gads”! is a new and very easy way for anybody to create, access and share your information through a Website, text message over a cell phone, or through IM chat.

A “GAD” is a collection of information. For example, family members can create a GAD with information to share within the family members to store and retrieve personal information such as people birthdays, phone numbers, contacts information, phone numbers, and even a calendar you can share within the family. You can make your GAD available to a group of people you choose or even make it public.

Once you have set up a GAD, you can use it and interact with it from anywhere, from your cell phone through text messaging, from the web, or through instant messaging. You can even add information into your GAD directly from your phone through text messaging.

Here is a handy tutorial by Commoncraft on MyGADs (a quich Video Intro):

My Gads in Plain English

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