New Talkinator

Talkinator is a service that provides free, no-signup, no registration group discussion rooms. You can add chat to your web site in seconds!

Just read their “Privacy Policy”!

The Privacy Policy here is simply: THERE IS NONE. Talkinator/ManyBrain doesn’t ask, require or even want your personal information – however, rooms are only as private as you keep them. No messages are encrypted and its theoretically possible for someone to guess the name of your talkinator room.

In addition – DO NOT give anyone your personal information in talkinator room. Its completely insecure. Anything you type in a talkinator room could be seen by anyone (including, but not limited to, freaks, weirdos, internet crazies, software engineers, nutjobs, probable nutjobs, likely nutjobs, really likely nutjobs, really really likely nutjobs, CAPS-LOCK-LOVERS, the Police, the FBI, the CIA, and your mom). Keep that in mind.


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