GMail Blues!

It was like manna from Heaven when I had torrents of Gmail invites – the first one being from the good ol’ Karthick Kannan Iyer (He is just in his 20’s anyway!).

Now I’ve directed all my subscriptions to email newsletters to the new Gmail ID so that the big gig will function as a repository of all knowledge bytes contained in those email messages on subjects ranging from Semantic web through Thamizh poetry to intricate nuances of Madhyamavathi ragam! But when am I going to finish reading all of them and get enriched? Well, if you have got a few sparable years of waking life, please lend them to me!

But the main focus of this blog is that attachments could not be fully downloaded from the Gmail service (but I haven’t yet tried “Pop Goes the Gmail” since it’ll defeat the “gig” factor!) . I tried with different browsers and different sizes of attachments – they just stop halfway. I could find a good deal of moaning about this issue on the plethora of discussion forums (fora?) on Gmail strewn aroung the web. Hope Google will fix it up soon!

Another bizarre thing is about the text ad’s that appear by the side of the email messages. There has been high decibel bleats about breach of privacy and all that jazz. That apart, it is so queer that I find ad’s about temperature sensors on a mail message from Linux users’ forum in which there is a passing mention about processors getting heated. So much for the “contextual ads” that is being bandied about!

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