Attach and perish!

The much touted 1 GB wonder that GMail turns out to be a real pain the underparts if you want to see even a teensy-weensy attachment.
I sent an innocent text file of just a measly 12 kb and it doesn’t get downloaded. I have waited for ages and re-sent it through the old faithful Yahoo! There you are!
I understand I am not alone whimpering with this agony.
So much for the hype!

2 thoughts on “Attach and perish!

  1. Anand Viswanathan

    First time I am hearing about a problem with Gmail. I use it quite regularly and havent had an issue with it. The only time I have had issues was when I tried to send a .exe file as an attachment to my gmail address and it rejected it right away. I thought that was a nice protection to have in an email.

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