Pownce rocks!

Pownce was shut down on December 15, 2008.

pownce One of the co-founders of the famous “Digg“, the website which lets you discover and share content from anywhere on the web, has launched a new social networking site called Pownce that is a direct challenge to Twitter. With Twitter, people can broadcast short messages and also announce what act of mischief they are engaged in at any point of time! But with Pownce, you can share messages, files and also do event management.

Frostfire had listed 10 reasons why Pownce rocks (It is irrelevant now since Pownce has been shut down):

  1. The group messaging is great.
  2. Pownce handles replies correctly and Twitter does not.
  3. Pownce has a great private conversation tool. It also has unlimited words.
  4. Pounce has better design
  5. Pownce has got a better grip on threading and privacy.
  6. Pownce allows different kinds of messages, for example links, events and file transfers.
  7. Pownce lets you forward messages.
  8. Pownce has an AIR desktop.
  9. Pownce is fast with no performance issues.
  10. Pownce will expand the Digg community into the mobile world

Presently Pownce is by invitation only, a reminder of Gmail in its early days. Proving that everything has a market, invites to Pownce are up for sale on eBay, with its current bidding at $5.

But I have 3 invites to give away! Good news, what!

All you have to do to earn it, is to write at least 2 sentences about this blog in the comment box. So simple!!

Don’t tarry!!

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