Hypocrisy and perversion of painter M.F.Hussain

Please have a look at the way the “famous” painter M.F.Hussain has chosen to denigrate the Hindu Gods being worshiped by a vast majority if Indian population. And the double standards applied by him in fully clothing Mother Teresa and a Muslim king, but depicting only Hindu gods naked betrays his perverse approach, emboldened by the support given by pseudo-secularists of India.

Exposing MF Hussain (English) Part 1/3

Compare this to the furore created when a few cartoons showing Prophet Mohammed appeared in a Danish newspaper.

And to top it all, he is going to be awarded with Raja Ravi Varma Award by the Government of Kerala!

Yoohoo, self-respecting Hindus, please wake up from your Hypersomnia!

To know more about this sordid episode and to sign an on-line petition against this kind of derogatory depiction, please visit the Hindu Jajgriti Samiti Website. You can also view the divine paintings of Raja Ravi Varma, and the naked renderings of “superior art” by perverse Hussain juxtaposed for your perception!

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