Letdown by design

The much-hyped redesign of The Hindu, a highly popular English Newspaper identified with Chennai aka Madras is a heap big letdown. Under the guise of a face-lift, the newspaper owners have achieved what they aimed for, viz: more space for advertisements! But at whose cost? The crux is that the typeface has been made narrower making it hard on the eye! That is the bottomline. All the song and dance about the grand re-look are meant only to camouflage this trick!

The Hindu re-jigged

Elders who have traditionally associated their mornings with The Hindu in one hand and a cup of hot coffee brew in the other in South India, are the ones that are let down in the bargain. May be it will help the ophthalmologists and opticians. Let them sing hosannas in chorus in praise of the Mount Road Mama!

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One thought on “Letdown by design

  1. Kaps

    First time here. Going by the PDF doc which Hindu had put up on their site, I guess what you say must be true. Maybe The Hindu wants to attract more of the younger crowd.

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