Procrastinate less

Are you a chronic procrastinator? Do you struggle with Internet or video game addiction? In times of stress do you find yourself daydreaming, watching TV, or engaging in anything but what you are supposed to be doing? Do you have a “Totally Dreaded” list instead of a “To-Do” list? Does your procrastination cause you shame and embarrassment? Has it interfered with your relationships, your school, your job or your life?


This soothing solace to chronic procrastinators (like me :razz:) is provided in the Procrastination Support website by Laura who claims to be a chronic procrastinator who could not find a good, up-to-date resource on the web for procrastinators to get support. The Procrastinators Anonymous site is the result.

If you are also afflicted by the devil of procrastination, please visit the Procrastination Forum . You can find a group of people just like you who are struggling to get their procrastination under control. You can also post your own story and get support. If you ask, someone will respond.

Let us usher in an era of promptness, alacrity and efficiency!

2 thoughts on “Procrastinate less

  1. Charu

    I wanted to see the website but I decided to do it LATER 😆
    and hey, by the way, you are still linked to my old blog site?!

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