What to do when disconnected from the net?

internet addiction

Are you one of those blokes who spend hours on end staring at the monitor, contracting Carpal Tunnel Syndrome by continuous clickety-clicking and living in the virtual world, totally oblivious of the enchanting real world around you?

And you find yourself suddenly cut off from those gizmos like Skype, Orkut, Blogosphere, Gmail, podcasting, RSS aggregators, Delicious, Myspace and all such unproductive time-guzzlers! Yes, you are thrown out of the imaginary world of the all-pervasive Internet. You rant and rave. Is it the ISP, Modem, the wires, switch, router, or, your own “system”? No clue. But you are reduced to be a non-on-line humanoid.

What to do? There is actually a lot which you didn’t do all along.

No, I don’t ask you to do lawn moving or, change diapers, or, fetch a pizza. You need not move away from the neo-idiot box aka your PC. A host of chores are begging for attention from you. Have mercy on the poor PC! It craves your indulgence!

Here is the list of things that you can do:

  • Clean up (physical) your box
  • Dig up the treasures hidden in the crevices of your keyboard
  • Scores of unwanted and obsolescent files occupying their fiefdom inside your hard disk which deserve a merciless coup de grace with the indomitable DEL button!
  • A full defrag is a good option
  • Registry may need clean-up too
  • A plethora of proggys might have been installed for the same job, whereas one of them will do the job fine
  • And the list is endless!

There is a beautifully worded article on this subject by Ms.GEETA PADMANABHAN that appeared in The Hindu dated 3rd April 2007. The link is here.

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