Urban legends galore!

The world is full of nihilists, naysayers and conspiracy theorists who repudiate and negate all accepted beliefs, proven theories and obvious events. And the cynics amongst the mankind are ever ready to lap up the antitheses and weird fantasies.

Here are a few of such phantom theories:

  • Our ears are quite full of those golden words spoken by the first man on the moon, “That’s one small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind”. If you are to accept it, you have to first believe that a man actually landed on the surface of the satellite that is associated with lunacy. In fact, one whole generation has grown in the belief that man did land on moon. But a certain group of individuals find it hard to get convinced, They have advanced cogent evidence and convincing proof that the whole video clip of Neil Armstrong’s goose step was filmed in a studio or on the Nevada desert.

    Moon Truth has further details.

    Confused? Read The Moon Landing Hoax and listen to the audio rendering over there.

    And to keep you engaged during the weekends, here are the whole lot of web sites vying with each other to propagate the “fake theory”!

  • The entire world (almost!) was outraged by the savage attack on the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center on the infamous morning of 9/11/2001. But there are some members of human species who claim that the whole thing was a hoax and it was made up by the press. You can get the dope from the “fake-video theorists“.
  • The present era can be termed as the “age of the Google”. Yes. Google is touching every aspect of your virtual as well as real life. One should get a daily dose of Googling, whatever be his walk of life. Children do their homework by googling (a generic term now!) and grown-ups subsist on them. Software geeks almost entirely earn their bread thanks to Google. There Will be no writers and doctorates if there be no Google to help them scourge and plagiarize! Folks are going gaga about every new offering that unfolds from the Google stable. Already you have almost everything: Gmail to Gtalk through maps, shopping, blogging, pages, aggregators….. and now an OS too!

    And Google made a paradigm shift from the way business is traditionally run. They have made nerds rich by adwords. They have caused a veritable net revolution. They have clustered low-end computers and are running such a successful e-commerce stuff with minimal infrastructure costs. They have made history by their financial success. They promote open source. The do no evil!

    But wait a minute. There are folks who think otherwise. They see a conspiracy at every corner. Go to this website: “Fu@#ed Google dot com (Since defunct)

  • And to cap it all, The World is Flat! Yes. For a few, the earth is not a globe spinning and revolving around the Sun. It is flat!

There is never a dull moment with such queer species around!

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