Strange frontiers!

SpiritsMankind has always been attracted towards fantasy. Some are deeply addicted to the weird and supernormal. They tend to believe in their own delusions. There are another set of people who exploit this human susceptibility and provide fodder to it using their fertile imagination. Horror movies of the Count Dracula genre enjoy a sizable fan club. Children simply love the spooky, scary stuff – full of ghosts and haunted houses. Needless to say the phenomenal success of Harry Potter (Horry Potter?) is attributable to this fantasy!

There is another dimension to the occult – conversation with the dead! “Mediums” galore who could exude a mysterious substance called “Ectoplasm” and exchange messages with the departed souls using an algorithm that is much superior to email protocols!Ouija Board The mediums may use Ouija Boards, talking boards, talking kerosene wick stoves – just anything! There is a “Web Ouija” too for you!

I know of a family – whose members are highly educated and holding senior positions in Government – who indulge in talking sessions with their forefathers who had left the mortal world several decades ago. The irony of it is, the spirits provide answers to the earthly problems and duplicate the role of astrologers and soothsayers!

Is there life after death? A quest for the answer to this question always fascinates humans.

Occultism, voodoo, phantasms, apparitions et al are bound to endure, come wireless, come internet!

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