The basic right!

Look at those expressive eyes! Don’t you have a duty towards her?The indifference and selfishness of adults rob the children of their basic right – the right to be children!
Please, for heaven’s sake, allow children to be themselves!
The greatest and most enduring gifts that the parents can offer to the children are love, wisdom and courage!


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2 thoughts on “The basic right!

  1. Kavitha

    Children are an easily vulnerable lot. It is the duty of the Adults to teach them right and wrong. Parents and adults must realise that they bring up their kids so that they become the most respected lot in the society. If this temperment gets into the heads of adults then the next generation would have highly “civilised” people. “Preach but don thrust – Advise but dont Order – Love and teach them how to love” . You can see them grow as fine adults.

  2. pundit

    I think it is time the people realize the bringing up children and investing time, attention and care on them is a their duty to the future of the human race!

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