You have no right to harm infants!

A revealing story appeared in a newspaper today stating that the King of pop Michael Jackson has turned his back on his father Joseph when he was in deep financial distress and had to sell his house to settle his dues.
So did his sister Janet.
The children could not simply forgive their dad for the way they had been treated by him when they were young. The old man had been so hard on them, as the story goes, that the scars are too deep to heal by time.
Moral of the story:
Be nice to children as they grow up, so that they�ll be nice to you in turn when you are grown too old to help yourself!
And you as parents (and the teachers too) have no right to inflict corporal punishment on the children – physically or mentally. The children are merely born through you and you don�t own them as such.
They represent the future and you can�t afford to harm the future of the planet. Period.

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