Women in progress

Indian women have really progressed a great deal in terms of scruples, values, empathy and traditions, if the following news items that appeared in today’s Hindustan Times is any indication. Please have a look and share your opinion:-

  1. Woman kills brother due to property dispute.

    A WOMAN smashed her brother’s head with a hockey stick and then stabbed him to death with the help of her husband and sons in central Delhi late on Wednesday, the police said.

    The murder was allegedly committed over a property dispute.

    The deceased Prem Kumar, 54, used to work as an accountant with an oil company in Khari Baoli.

    The police said he did not get along with his sister’s family.

    Kumar used to live on the ground floor of his ancestral house in Ara Kash Road while his sister Alka used to live on the first floor with her family.

    The two families reportedly were not on talking terms.

    Kumar’s sister Alka was arrested, while her husband Ravi and sons, Varun and Sahil, were on the run, police said.

    The family allegedly rained blows on Kumar after an heated argument and stabbed him several times, the police said.

    “Kumar was not happy with Alka, since she had eloped with Ravi before her marriage. Their family apparently did not approve of the marriage. Alka reconciled with her parents later and came to live in the ancestral house with her family,” said an officer.

    Kumar was however, not happy with the development.

    The two families often argued over minor issues.

    The police said that Alka used to claim ownership of the house and pestered Kumar to shift out of the ground floor.

    At about 10 p.m. on Wednesday, Alka came to Kumar’s house and picked up an argument.

    Her husband and sons reportedly accompanied her.

    “The argument soon turned violent. Alka and her family members picked up a hockey stick and thrashed Kumar. Varun and Sahil then caught hold of a kitchen knife a nd stabbed Kumar on his torso,” said an officer.

    All but Alka managed to flee. Kumar’s family took him to a city hospital where doctors declared him brought dead, police said.

    “We have registered a case and are looking for the other accused,” said an officer

  2. Mom’s illicit affair turns her son to murderous rage

    A MAN who was furious with his mother over her illicit relationship, strangled her to death while she was at her lover’s house in northwest Delhi late on Wednesday, the police said.

    Nur Alam, 22, was arrested while trying to dispose off his mother, Ravina Alam’s, body, said an officer. Ravina recently left her husband Allaudin and five children and moved in with another man.

    “Alam was agitated with his mother. He often argued with her over the issue,” said an officer. He could not see his father’s plight and was also unable to bear the humiliation and took the extreme step at about 10 p.m. on Wednesday .

    Ravina was at her lover’s house in Block K, Jehangirpuri, when Alam barged in without information, said an officer. “They started arguing. Alam lost his cool and strangulated her with his hands. She died on the spot,” said the officer.

2 thoughts on “Women in progress

  1. Dru

    So you excuse matricide and you blame women for everything? Nice.

    How about gender-selected abortion. Dare to mention anything about the oh-so-sacred men? Or not–since you are a coward.

  2. S.K

    No, Dru. You are wrong. Matricide or for that matter any wrong doing on the part of men is condonable.

    Please recognize that crime has no gender – there are criminals in both genders. Then why the discrimination in laws which expressly blame men for all the happenings on the gender interface? Is it not a bias? Would it not promote misandry?

    Please ponder.

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