Plus-sized women!

I am afraid this ad may attract action under one or more of the plethora of laws against direct or implied (or even thought crimes) mental harassment of women!

Larger woman?

Pray tell me which woman will accept that she falls (!) into the category of “Larger women”!

Very undiplomatic indeed, but surely very useful service, considering the liberal girth of some of our aunties!

3 thoughts on “Plus-sized women!

  1. S.K Post author

    Kary, thanks.

    I visited your web site. Nice to know you have varied interests.

    You may like to visit my Thamizh blog here.

    I have written about about your favourite iddlies, have some carnatic music podcasting and more!



  2. Anbu Ganesh

    Hi S.K,

    Good observation, poor marketing strategy. Women might find bit embarrassing to step into the shop as it is an invitation for impeccable bigger frames..:)

    Can’t wait to meet that “mean” ad guru :))


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