For the press, men do not matter!

Woman dead but man also deadLook at the way the news of two dead people found at a place is presented in a newspaper. It talks only about a woman found dead. And the information about a man also having been found charred and dead later is mentioned only in passing, as if it is not worth mentioning at all!

Only death of women highlightedAnd here is yet another headline. “Five Indians including one woman” were among the dead passengers in the crash of a Malaysia Airline plane. What about the balance four? Were they human beings, or they belong to a species that is not worth mentioning – some inferior humanoid that is unspeakable?

For many newspapers like The Hindu, the term gender denotes only women. There are many whole-time “activists” harping on bride burning, domestic violence and all kinds on real and imaginary plight of women in India, and clamouring of more one-sided and draconian laws to be passed for incarcerating men and their parents (for the sin of begetting men).

This attitude smacks of a general slant prevalent in the media towards women. It is perhaps prompted by commercial considerations. In their reckoning women are to be shown and showcased prominently. They use female models even to market things that are used exclusively by men. Razor blade makers use female models to declare they don’t like men who don’t shave (not sure if it is factual, that is a different matter).

And is an extension of feminist ideology which denigrates traditional family system and tries to exterminate the very paradigm of family from the society by stigmatizing it as being a symbol of patriarchy, which has lately acquired the connotation of societal blasphemy!

Trampled by womenBut seriously, men are fast becoming redundant. Sad, but true!

In vitro fertilization (IVF), sperm banks, sperm-bots etc., may render the male of the species redundant. Already society is getting more comfortable with women employees in all occupations. They are more diligent, studious and determined, they feel.

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