Original sin!

Original sin“This is really a class issue: the executive class constantly reaps benefits while the bottom feeders do all the work.”

Welcome to the world of business.

In fact, welcome to humanity – the species that takes primate hierarchical society to its ultimate state of self-destructiveness.

You want to know what “Original Sin” is? The fear of death.

Which expresses itself in human society as: “If you’re right, I’m wrong. And if I’m wrong, I’m dead – and that can’t be allowed. So you’re wrong and I’m right.”

Which results in class distinctions – as in mistresses are better than regular whores who are better than crack whores. Humans will subdivide the categories down to the last atom as long as it leaves them on the right side of “Right”.

And when you give chimpanzees power, the current business and political and religious world is what you end up with.

And that isn’t going to change until the human body and brain is remolded to something less controlled by neurochemicals evolved from primates 100,000 years ago.

This is the observation of Richard Steven Hack a real geek while discussing Bob Cringely’s Pulpit on the chaotic state of internal procedures of IBM.

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