MBA bashing

Watch this FedEx ad which declares that shipping things through FedEx is so easy that even an MBA can do it!
(“B-School”? What a laugh!)

Abhijit Bhaduri’s book “Mediocre But Arrogant” tries to spin a story around an MBA graduate.

Want to know about a very prominent MBA? He is Mr.George W.Bush (Harvard MBA 1975). You are in grand company!

Henry Mintzberg, professor of management studies at McGill University, is very forthright about what is wrong with management schools and the specimens that they produce.

In his recent book, Managers Not MBAs, he argues:-

Most management programs train the wrong kind of person at the wrong time to do the wrong kind of thing. Instead of teaching students in the art and craft of running a business, they churn out self-interested young people who have little ability and less concern for the long-term interests of the firm that hires them.

But, it is for sure that they turn everyone else green, when their paycheck is announced on the newspapers. Enough to love to hate them!

So much for the superbrats!

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