“People with the MBA credential make the worst managers”

Henry MintzbergAvers Henry Mintzberg, renowned professor in Management and author of 13 books including Managers not MBAs, in a one-on-one with HT at his den in Canada’s top-notch McGill University.

I have blogged about him and the brilliance (!) of MBAs in my earlier post about MBA Bashing.

And here is the pièce de résistance:

“George Bush doesn’t know how to manage; he is a Harvard MBA,” ­čść

Prof. Mintzberg, who frequently teaches at Indian institutions, including IIM, Bangalore observes that the IIMs of India churn out arrogant graduates. “They create hubris. They don’t create managers“.

He adds, “…the curriculum is “too analytical”. That’s why Indian institutes “train very good consultants and financial analysts.”

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