Tom Peters, the Guru

  • Is it pain in the butt?
    You bet it is! Nobody said that power comes cheap!
  • Tear up the rule book, because everything has changed. So, ‘forget learning, learn forgetting!’
  • Technology will make many of the low-paying white-collared jobs redundant. So you really need to look to moving up the value chain.
  • The notion of existence in perpetuity is a horrible concept. I’d rather be the chairman of Netscape, which got born, changed the world and died within 48 months; and have that on my tombstone, than have, ‘he met his earnings target for 50 straight quarters’!
  • How long does it take to achieve excellence? May be less than a nano-second to attain it but a lifetime of passionate pursuit to maintain it!
  • The devil is in details!
    Dot the ‘i’s; cross the ‘t’s!
    Answer every phone call, every letter or e-mail!
    Nothing is unimportant!
  • When marketing a product, differentiate the intangibles; When marketing a service, differentiate the tangibles!
  • In 1970, it took 108 men five days to unload a ship at the London docks. Today, eight guys with computers do the same job in one day. The blue-collar world has been revolutionized. And the white-collar world is next up, thanks to the incredible leaps in technology!
  • In the next few years, 90 per cent of all white-collar jobs will either have vanished or changed beyond recognition.
  • Don’t bother with gradual change. Incrementalism is the worst enemy of innovation.
  • General Electric was begun by Edison as an entrepreneurial organization, and even at their bureaucratic worst, they had guys who actually ran things who never paid any attention to HQ!
  • The Afgan campaign of US was Napsterised in the battlefield by cutting out the middle managers: majors, colonels and generals. Result: frontline soldiers could talk directly to pilots. Earlier, a war could be over before any army request for air cover would result in air-force support!
  • The best leadership model is a general manager of a sports team who spends 25 hours a day, 8 days a week, 53 weeks a year in pursuit and retention of the best talent!
  • Many boards have members with an average age of 87.5 years and almost all of them are famous for having been famous some years ago!
  • Good CEO’s should redesignate themselves as ‘CDO’s, or, Chief Destruction officers! Because, they are essentially get paid for blowing up their business before the competition does!

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    Hello…I Googled for tom peters, but found your page about, the site on Art of successful living,Nuggets of Wisdom and Inspirational stuff!…and have to say thanks. nice read.

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