Nada nada nada

After my posting on “nothing” with the title, “There is more nothing than something”, I thought the good old nothing hasn’t got that many fans in this world, even though 81 people have read my post.

NadaBut I was wrong! There is actually more to nothing than being mere nothing. It is “NaDa”! Yes, the term “Nada” means “nothing” in Spanish (though the term is also used in Sanskrit to denote subtle aspects of musical sound. But we are not going to dwell on that!).

And “Nada” has become a hit in Cyberworld! Look at the Wikipedia explanation for “NaDa”:-

NaDa is a fake-satirical software that “does nothing, but does it very well.”

“NaDa does nothing for everybody”

NaDa is actually a useless and otherwise harmless empty file, one byte small (a newline), compressed and available for download from its site.

The site is designed to look like an actual professional programming company site, complete with users’ testimonials, legal disclaimers, advertisements, etc. The NaDa page actually belongs to the professional site of a graphic artist, Bernard Bélanger. The testimonials are written by “fans” who decided to mail him. The site has over a million visitors.

The NaDa website describes NaDa like this:-

NaDaâ„¢ is a new concept. A thought, really. It is very light : 1 byte. It doesn’t take long to fetch. It doesn’t take long to understand. It doesn’t disturb your habits nor does it makes you feel insecure. It is a reassuring piece of software that does nothing, and does it very well. That’s a lot !

Most products we see on the market want to increase our productivity, organize our screen joyfully or make wonders with our sound card, but NaDaâ„¢ does nothing. This is a revolutionary whole new approach, a concept far beyond what you usually expect from the software industry. Download it and forget it.

Spifftastic idea, what!!

“ex nihilo nihil fit”

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