What the heck is Web 2.0

The most used (or, abused?) buzzword of the day in geekosphere is undoubtedly “Web 2.0”!

Blogger Ramon Padilla googled for this exotic term and received 76,200,000 hits. After perusing about 100 links, she realized that either everyone knows what Web 2.0 is (and has an opinion on it) or no one really knows what the heck it is (but has an opinion anyway.)!

She tries to evolve an understanding of this exotic term as follows:-

  • just a buzz word that means nothing at all,
  • a term that means whatever the user thinks it means,
  • the Web as it exists today,
  • the technology of the future

Her definition of Web 2.0 as voiced in her blog on Techrepublic is as follows:-

Stable and reliable high-speed bandwidth and the tools and applications that spring from it that allow the “network to be the computer” rather than being bound by your local PCs capabilities.

But it is only her definition! You and me are not bound by that. We can usher in our own version of it, because Web 2.0 is “everything for everybody”!

But right now it still remains an enigma to me, though it is bandied about by me everywhere, given a half chance!

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