Management Principles

The term “Manage” is often used in common parlance with a tinge of negative connotation like this:

  • He has somehow ‘managed’ it.
  • The student just ‘managed’ to pass the examination.
  • His house is not so big; just ‘manageable’.
  • How did you ‘manage’ to get a promotion, given your reputation as an abominable sloth!

What the heck is Management!

Most of what we call management consists of making it difficult for people to get their work done.

~ Peter Drucker.

A layman’s perception of management is some sort of an esoteric activity understood only by a few IIM-ians and Harvard-ians. It is also felt that the art of management is the exclusive domain of a few pompous pundits gushing out high-sounding and jargon-rich discourses. Besides, many creative management consultants nonchalantly drop awe-inspiring names like McKinsey’s, Tom Peters, Parkinson, Akio Morita, Lee Iacoca and their ilk. If you allow yourself to be still more awestruck, the wolves are apt to throw at you such pulpy and exotic best sellers like ‘One Minute Manager’, ’10 Myths of Management’, ‘WOW’ etc. to bamboozle to a much greater degree!

A puritan has attempted to define the management thus:-

“Management is making desirable results happen through ethical and socially acceptable means, harnessing and optimally utilizing the available limited resources.”

But in fundamental terms, management is managing men who in turn manage the other components of an enterprise like money, machine and material. When “Business is people”, managing a business is managing people. Period.

In these Web pages, I wish to publish my collection of snippets and quirkiest quips and quotes from the very management Guru’s and also the experience of ordinary folks who have shown excellence in their own field of management.

Also some teensy-weensy tidbits out of my own humble efforts in practicing the art of management!

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More of my collection of Management Principles are getting ready!
I hope to publish them Soon!

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