The next web

If you are keen on getting a “Wow” from your date and flaunt your geeky erudition to the gullible, you should nonchalantly drop such pieces of jargon as Web 2.0, Mashup, Semantic web and all that jazz.

But it seems the exotic Semantic Web is really round the corner and is sure to revolutionize the way we use the web to get information. Simply “Googling” for it is going to be passé. Here is what ZDNet has to say about the phenomenon that is ushering in a paradigm shift on the internet:

Google is essentially a media company – as Tom Foremski succinctly points out here – logging your actions for Ad Word generation like a supermarket rewards card program while leveraging brute force search of the indexed web as you search for your keywords and phrases.

Wikipedia is essentially a single destination site, which means lots of laborious single issue searching.

The semantic web is a vision of information that is understandable by computers, so that they can perform more of the tedious work involved in finding, sharing and combining information on the web.

This semantic, machine-read next generation enables much richer search. So if you are looking for information about pinball machines for example, this Freebase example gives you a rich contextual grouping of related and highly relevant information.

Read more about on ZDNet.

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