Happy Birthday, MP3!

“Ten years ago last week, a guy named JÃrgen Zeller sent out an e-mail to the rest of the team at Fraunhofer Gesellshaft, announcing that an internal poll had unanimously declared .mp3 to be the new official file extension of the audio format the company had been working on since the ’80s. In the years to come, their invention changed the music business, the Internet, and–by extension–the world forever.”

Read the rest of the C|net story on “Top five ways MP3 has changed the world“.

We should also remember with gratitude Shawn Fanning, the young wizard who spread the irreversible MP3 revolution through his Napster!

Wondering as to what that Napster boy is up to these days?

He is ok, but not out of the “peer2peer” stuff yet! He has found a novel way to create a music database, registry and clearinghouse.

Wanna find out more about his “Snocap“?

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, MP3!

  1. Narayanan

    oh boy..MP3 has gone long ways hasn’t it.!! Hats of to Shawn Fanning..and the gang. The more I read about the fleecing of music fans by the music industry …the more I applaud Fanning.!

    But then the media being stronger…went and nailed shawn…Ethics apart…the price they chanrge for the albums…it is still being debated.!!

    SNOCAP is an example of great brains and how they cannot be stopped.!

    NIce post sir..! Appreciate it.!

  2. S.K Post author

    Thanks, Narayanan.

    Another related development is the popularity of iTunes of Apple. They discerned that only one or two numbers of any album is good enough to listen. But you are forced to buy the whole album. Now iTunes has successfully shifted the focus from album-centric buying to track-only downloading. All licenced and legal!

    And there is podcasting waiting to take over!

    You can’t stop technology, can you?

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