Manage, and be Dammned!

Stressed managerHere is what Stanley Bing has to say about the vapid and lackluster “All work no play” life of a typical Manager of the day in his last page of Fortune Magazine:

They (managers) stumble into office grim-faced, high on nothing but anxiety and coffee. They go to their stoic lunches munching on greenery like starving llamas and bolting down enough mineral water to float a midsized dinghy. After work they repair to watering holes for more water, unless somebody in authority is having something, in which case they may join the boss in a moderate quaff.

It is time managers learn to take time off and unwind, relax and have some fun. After all life is to be lived, as you only live once! (You are not the Bond, buddy!) – what about rebirth? OK, I give it in, but then you will be somebody else then, won’t you be?
Think about it!

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