It is U.S of A, “Made in China”!

USA Made in ChinaYes, whatever you purchase – be it in K-Mart or Wal-Mart or Macy’s or any of those malls that crave after your Greenbacks so earnestly – they are all made behind the Bamboo Curtain!
Beats me as to how mainland China is able to swarm all over the the Great Society with their assorted ware to such a mind-boggling proportion! Take anything – a Barbie doll or a mechanized toy or a game or a kitchen utility or a hand tool – you name it! I picked up a Mancala made with solid strong Oak of Northern America and Lo! It it is made in China!
But what worries me is, will service sector alone provide sufficient jobs for Americans without manufacturing factories? Where will the Greenbacks come from for stacking the made-in-china’s in trolleys!
You may like to attribute this phenomenon to cheap labor, precision manufacture, no democratic hassles and a host of other juicy capitalistic darlings! But then how things that are ethnically American can be made to typically American standards and taste to a T by a diametrically different society and ethnicity! I’m still at a loss to fathom this fully!
I dream of an era when most of these trinkets will sport a “Made in India” label on them for a change! If they can write such volumes of handsome software code, can’t they make a sleek can opener? Well, perhaps much of exports from India consist of raw materials and semi-finished’s that they don’t get to add the magic line “Made in India” on to them!
Though serious manufacture left the shores of America long back, may be a new trend will be ushered in like Toyota starting manufacture of cars on the U.S soil recently.
Let’s wait and watch!

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3 thoughts on “It is U.S of A, “Made in China”!

  1. Arun

    I’ve noticed the ‘made in china’ in many ‘brought from america’ goods too. Most of the toys related stuff are chineese goods. The “made in USA” label is found mainly on board games, but even that is a multinational crapshoot. The Lord of the Rings Trivial Pursuit game is American-made but with Chinese dice ! Other ‘made in…’ that you may find in US are from Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand and even Sri Lanka. But I heard no ‘made in india’ is seen anywhere in US markets 🙁

  2. Daniel

    Will it really get translated to more jobs?
    I doubt, since it is not human hands but robots which do the work over there.
    So, back to square one!

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