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After a spate of media hyperbole on the astronomical heights that China has scaled and the giant of an economy that China has become vis-à-vis India, things have sobered a bit. Rather they tend to make a 1800 turn by portraying that India is going to be a superpower on the strength of mere numbers – numbers of human hands – alone! Added to that are the managerial skills, freedom of speech and choice, English-speaking youth, tech-savvy workforce, modern outlook and the strides made by India on the economic front with free trade…..!

You can read about the emerging India from the viewpoint of Mr. Paul Johnson, an eminent British historian and author here.

The following paragraph in that story corroborates what I had written about manufacture in Chinese jails.

China, with estimates of about 20 million convicts, is heavily dependent on slave labor, as well as on the labor of underpaid ex-peasants who are still pouring into the industrialized coastal belt. China is not investing enough in high technology, with the exception of the military, and is thus making the same mistakes the Soviet Union made. Indeed, the differences between the new China and the old U.S.S.R. are more superficial and visible than fundamental.

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9 thoughts on “India Vs China

  1. thennavan

    I saw this too. Bottomline is the fundamentals on India are very good, on balance. It will be the case of the hare vs. the tortoise 🙂

  2. Kavi

    To simply look at statistics and predict it is going to become a superpower is naive. If it does indeed become a superpower sheerly on the platform of economic policies, it will be at the cost of social welfare. The government of the day has not learnt to channelize resources into proper areas. India remains a country where demographic compositions and sex ratios are so badly skewed, literacy, child labour and human rights violations continue after half a century of independence, regional underdevelopment and separatist tendecies seep in from time to time…and it has a long way to go.

  3. ck

    look this chart !
    don not predict without prove!!
    from the figure about all the figure show tat india lose to china !! more abviously in education ,facility

    if u think the china no poured lot money in to high tech research u are wrong !! they create lot of high tech thing like space shuttle ,their own gprs system and 3 satelite, recently 2 new jet fighter born jf and j10 ,they also invent the cpu,godson II it speed about pentium 3 the research still continued .and the biotechnology!!the 3g system china invented lately approved by goverment td-cdma.and the brand new nueklear sumarine !they also research in high tech sensor to use in space ship!

    moreover china is 3 time larger than india in aspect of land!and china population is 30% more than india! with this figure india more density compare with china !!!this is not good thing !!if we cut out the land for road ,house,shop,military purpose,forest then india will suffer from insufficient space for continue grow!!

  4. Shang

    LOL, 20 million convicts? where did you drag your data from? You indian people are so obsessed with china, please shut up and improve your basic education system..

    Go to china, have a look… China is more than 20 years ahead of your country.

    Gosh, gimme a break, China never has and never will compare herself with India, we are looking toward a showdown with Japan, US and the EU

  5. Aman

    Shang, forget about whats right and wrong, you need to go back to school to learn some manners and leave this debate to adults.

    I’m Indian, born and brought up there. I live in a small country with a majority Chinese population and face constant racism and Indian/other minority bashing (figuratively) from the Chinese population. The Chinese here do believe they are a superior race (to everyone, not just Indians). The Chinese populations in the Asia Pacific belt generally do think that way. I have reason to believe main land Chinese are a lot better in their attitude as I’ve been there several times and met many of them. But I do fear as they become affluent and powerful, coupled with strong governments brainwashing them into believing in total supremacy (see Shang’s comments) they will treat the world like the majority (or richer minority) Chinese treat other races in my current country and countries around it. Sort of reminiscient of Hitlers idealogy, the superior race. However, history has demonstrated the obvious end to such an attitude on a micro or macro level, is ruin. No one country or force can be dominant AND arrogant about it, the rest of the world won’t allow it, never has, never will. From Alexander the Great to the more recent British empire, neutralization of absolute power is an inevitable end. Its unwritten and intangible but an unequivocal law that seems to govern our universe. The proud and arrogant bully can never sustain that position, inevitably he will be brought to his knees and taught humility, by internal or external forces, such is life.
    “With great power comes great responsibility”, show me humility and unclouded good intentions, I will show you real power. The two are married, one begets the other, neither will exist without the other. Show me arrogance and force, I will show you an empty shell.
    Living constantly amongst xenophobic and arrogant Chinese people looking down at minorities, refusing to mix with any other race, im going to take this opportunity and say a few things about India which a lot of people seem to forget or ignore because of the current dismal figures in comparison with China.
    Right now China is miles ahead of India and has a good chance of staying there for the next 20yrs.
    After that India will probably take over and stay ahead of any country for a long time.
    The reasoning is as follows:
    1) Smart people, terrible government. Its the only developing country which produces so many professionals who are or were at the apex of the worlds biggest companies, Pepsi, Standard Chartered, Mc.Kinsey and many more. Mittal steel is the worlds biggest steel company. Mr.Bose of Bose speakers and systems is an Indian. India has several REAL private limited companies with a turnover over a billion US dollars. Private domestic airlines which have won ‘best domestic carrier in the world awards’ (Jet Airways). China does not have a private airline or is just launching its first. Which company in China is really private limited, ie: no direct or indirect support from the government in the form of ‘free’ loans, subsidies etc. Several world famous authors are Indian or of Indian descent, Vikram Seth (1994 Commonwealth Writers Prize, Overall Winner, Best Book for ‘A Suitable Boy’, Salman Rushdie, Arundhati Roy (booker prize for God of small Things), Amrtya Sen (Bank of Sweden Prize in Economic Sciences (sometimes referred to informally as the “Nobel Prize for Economics”) to name just a few.
    Despite its poor record of rights for women, the country has had the maturity to vote in female prime ministers time and again, starting almost a generation ago which is more than can be said of a lot of developed countries. The current prime minister and president belong to minority groups, Sikh and Muslim. It does host the worlds 2nd largest Muslim population after Indonesia. If the Muslims were really so unhappy in India, the Muslim population would have seriously dwindled in the last 60yrs since independance, which is not the case. The country did produce people like Gandhi and mother Teresa, though of Macedonian descent, was in part considered Indian. Budhism, Yoga, Ayurveda and Kung Fu did come out of India. Yes, Kung Fu too. Hotmail, the worlds first web based e-mail service was co-founded by an Indian (Sabeer Bhatia). India was also a major contributor in conceptualising the numerical zero thereby vastly expanding the scope of calculations and serving as a base for modern mathematics.
    Democratic India is only 60 years old, thats a drop in the lifetime of a nation. At least the road she has taken is the correct one, there won’t be any need to re-trace her steps unlike what happened in Russia and inevitably will happen in China. The 7/8% growth rate is DESPITE terrible infrastructure and a succession of completely unsupportive governments. Imagine what it would be with better infrastructure, less red tape, a supportive government. It is only a matter of time when India will have good infrastructure, the current government isn’t too bad either, it will get a lot better though.
    The young population, massive work force and number of graduates will be a decisive advantage in 10yrs time as will the sound banking system and democratic values of the country. India does produce more engineers than China and Japan put together. The net worth of its USD billionaires is the highest in Asia, beating Japan into 2nd place. Its educational institutions are world class, the IIM’s and IIT’s as admitted by Premier Wen Jiabo during his visit to India. After the Jews, Indians are the richest community in the US with the highest number of graduates, way ahead of the Chinese. Very recently in Australia too, Indians have surpassed the Chinese and Koreans.
    Sorry for the boasts, its usually not my style but im just defending my race and people who are constantly belittled in this part of the world. I’m also setting the record straight about our achievements. There’s more to this land and its people than just poor infrastructure and poverty.
    Another favourite in this part of the world, democracy bashing. Yes, it does cause chaos in the short term but definitely acts as a stabiliser in the long run. I hope nobody thinks absolute power in the hands of a communist government is a better alternative, even if it yields much faster short term results by trampling over human rights. And converting from communism to democracy is no walk in the park, as the Russians discovered. It won’t be a smooth transition however much I and everyone may wish it for China. A democratically elected government and its Billion people will have to learn to respect the voice of dissent, manifested in the form of street protests, strikes, independant judiciary, court cases upon cases, civil suites, agitating minority groups, racial and religious discord, free press……the list goes on and unfortunately there is no quick fix to convert from Communism to Democracy, the painful learning curve that India and every other democratic country has and is going through is essential. Differences of opinion with the government settled fairly and amicably and not just brutally quashed is essential for the confidence of people. All this is part and parcel of any free and democratic country. Part and parcel of human nature, if you will. Irrepressible.
    More importantly, the Chinese need to replace the current sense of xenophobic and crude nationalism instilled by governments with something more substantial to identify themselves with, perhaps a more wholesome sense of identity not based on an idealogy of racial superiority (see Su Li’s comments).
    Some months ago, there was a report/survey on BBC about what people of different countries thought about the impact their own and other countries had on the world. Interestingly though not surprisingly, India was the only country that rated itself at less than 50% while every other country rated itself at around 70% positive. Look at all the blogs, lots of Indians critising India. I think its good, I think its healthy and I think its modest. Indians are always happier to mix with the foreigner, I like that too. It keeps the country open and objective, self criticism is essential, this nature of ours puts in place a very important system of checks and balances. It allows Indians to objectively build businesses and relationships based on sound reasoning rather than national or racial identity, unbiased while choosing business partners, friends etc. In the long term, this will help Indians, help the country to spread its influence and network on an individual and grassroots level and not just governments getting into bed with each other for short term gains. This xenophobic behaviour seems to characterise the oriental races and we see what it did to Japans economy for 12 years. There is nothing wrong in mixing with the ‘foreigner’, the sooner the people of this planet learn to work together and dissolve man made borders as much as possible, the better and easier it will be to survive in the face of an ever increasing climatic threat borne from the excesses of the industrial revolution.

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