Delete Internet?

Are you paranoid over the evil called Internet?
Do you swear that it is up to no good?
Not even its offsprings like email, groups, VOIP, chat, webcam, newsletters, BBSs, forums, RSS, podcasting, Web applications and……Yes, the Blogs!?

Well, here is a weapen you can employ to deliver the coup de grace on the recalcitrant urchin called internet!

Yes, Matt over at BorkWeb has finally written a script that will traverse the ENTIRE internet (regardless of security) and delete everything – images, video, text documents, pdfs, security files, EVERYTHING. It took him a while to code, but he believe it will work. He claims he hasn’t yet tested it as he doesn’t want to be the one targeted by the media. If you feel so inclined to test the script: click here.


Me or this site or all those associtaed with this site in any manner or respect is or are not responsible for any damage or mirth cause by the above clicking to any hardware, software, or any piece of internet or part of it, intended or otherwise; nor for the collateral damages to your colons by which you only fart but never deliver. You are clicking or doing anything dangerous at your own risk.

3 thoughts on “Delete Internet?

  1. Narayanan

    I love the Net, I am glad we have the NET. I would never do such a thing as to delete anything.

    After all I’ve become a slave who loves the Master.!!

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