Collateral damage!

SpamIn the course of internet’s war on unsolicited spam – the ultimate buccaneer of the internet (at least of the ubiquitous e-mail system), one of the most popular and useful online tools viz: e-Mail lists, is increasingly facing collateral damage!

There are already bounced messages galore, filtered out by the spam killers with ultra-paranoid settings! But it is difficult to write off the email lists so early since they play a significant role in dissemination of information especially in technology-related matters, in addition to being the only source for specific interest groups to exchange information over geographically distributed members at a very low cost, say, at $zilch!

But you can’t blame the folks who put on a clam sentinel on to their inboxes. Just look at the avalanches of spam cluttering mailboxes with penis enlargement blandishments, Viagra advertisements and XXX photos, not to speak of the bonanza from the tainted legacies of enigmatic African ex-dictators.

The alternative is RSS feeds. Already many free aggregators have spawned like FastBuzz. You can get to know more about RSS feeds from this article in This blog too is rendered in RSS format. You can aggregate it by adding the RSS feed.

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