Domain names Beware!

Your domain names could become easy target for hijackers as a change in domain transfer rules takes effect. Under new rules set by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), domain transfer requests will be automatically approved in five days unless they are explicitly denied by the current registrar.

This is a change from current procedure, in which a domain’s ownership and nameservers remain unchanged if the current registrar receives no response from a domain owner to a transfer request.

The changes could mean trouble for domain owners who don’t closely manage their records. Registrars are warning that domains with incorrect e-mail addresses and outdated administrative contact information could be at particular risk, as the domain’s WHOIS database information will be used to inform domain owners of transfer requests.

What is the safeguard your domains from being hijacked?

Almost all registrars provide registrar lock. Enable it. But make sure that you can remove the lock, if need be, at your will. The unlocking will be required if you want to change the registrar.

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