All-pervasive Google!

the big GGoogle, which has grown to be the generic term for internet searching, is fast becoming a conglomerate, continuously adding many allied businesses to its basket.

  • It brought the “Push-button” publishing aka “Blogging” pioneer to its fold
  • then added the online friendship commnunity portal,
  • Bought and tweaked a cool Picture organizing tool Picasa
  • Introduced a Desktop Search tool
  • Has an online commerce site, Froogle
  • Has discussion groups
  • A special university-related search engine for scholars
  • Has also introduced a commercial tool for satellite imagery search of locations called Keyhole
  • The list is growing by the hour!

In addition, Google is acquiring “dark fibres”, the unlit optical fibres that are legacies of the era of the great dot com burst!

And now it is an accredited domain name registrar too!

We have to watch out for more offering from the Google stable!

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