Google adds Sites to its web-apps

Google sitesYou can’t contain an innovative bunch of kick-ass geeks at Google! Let the Micro$ of the world indulge in shenanigans to retain a semblance of control over the cyberworld. But Google will outsmart them by making things easy for the user – both lay and geeky – by offering light-weight web-based toolkit with multiple functionalities.

The latest addition to the arsenal is “Google Sites”, a powerful new tool for easily and collaboratively creating and editing Web sites. It is built around JotSpot, the wiki platform that Google acquired in October of 2006.

Google has aimed to make the Google Sites easy enough for a beginner yet feature-rich enough for a power user. For example, building a Google Site requires no HTML, according to the company: It’s “as easy as editing a document,” the company says. There’s also a “growing list” of page templates to get users started, including “Web page, announcements, file cabinet, dashboard, and list,” according to Google.

At the same time, Google Sites lets page creators easily insert content such as videos (from Youtube), docs, spreadsheets, presentations, photo slide shows (from Picasaweb), and calendars. By integrating Google Sites with the other gems adorning its jewel box the user has a lot to play around with, thus making Google Sites a reliable online collaboration tool.

Here is a video by the developer:

Google Sites Tour

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