Google gets you well-fed!

What is a satisfactory searching experience, a la a sumptuous meal!

Mmmmmm, that’s Good Search!

A little thing I picked up when I worked in a restaurant is that it’s more important that people go away thinking they’ve been well-fed than if they actually have been. A restaurant my crowd used to visit was famous for the quality of its food and the generosity of its servings. “Do you know, there was so much I just couldn’t finish” was a typical comment. I went there, and I watched what they did. First of all, they kept you waiting for ages and ages for your meal but kept you well supplied with bread. This wasn’t just plain old bread, this was fresh, crusty and delicious. While we were waiting for our meal, we’d fend off those annoying pangs of hunger with, well, we’d just tear off another piece of that fresh, wonderful bread.

The upshot inevitably was that when the meal eventually did arrive, we were all too full of that fresh, wonderful bread to actually eat it. Being full of the quality (and expensive) wine we’d been happily knocking back (while waiting for our meal and eating the wonderful, wonderful bread) everyone was quite, shall we say, expansive, at the end of the meal and were full of praise for everything. A delightful time was had by all, we clearly remembered the next day, and “Do you know, there was so much I just couldn’t finish” was a popular refrain. Well of course we couldn’t finish it – we were full of bread!

And Google – well, Google’s a bit like that too.

Hey, I bet *she* had Good Search today…

People enjoy using Google. It gives Good Search. Searchers may very well not have found the most recent, or the most in-depth, or the most comprehensive sites available, but they’ll feel like they have, and that’s what’s important. Apart from a few specialists like me, who would differ?
They may not have had the best, or the most expensive, or the most exotic feast that they ever had in their life. But they’ll come away with a full belly.
Every time. That’s the Good Search Experience.
And you only get it from Google.

Via Kruse.

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