Iran avalanche on Twitter

Recent Iranian election, or the farce of it is making huge waves on the internet almost on all social networking sites including Twitter and YouTube.

I just peeped in #Iranelection and here is what I found:

Iran election on Twitter

Iran election on Twitter

And the 177 updates happened in just 10 seconds and it was still walloping as I pressed the “Prt Scr” button.

Had I waited a full minute the update count would have crossed 1000. Such was the hyperactivity by netizens on this issue.

And what has triggered this avalanche to a great extent?

Playing and replaying over and over again of the brutal killing of Neda, a teenage Iranian girl during the protests. Here is the video footage:

Neda - Iranian girl shot by Basij

Read the ZDNet commentary on the effect of this video on Iranian regime.

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