Trifles make perfection!

I found a pretty annoying shortcoming in the otherwise awesome and wonderful American Museum of Natural History in the New York City. Though floor plans and maps are available everywhere, you can still get lost since the floors and levels will take you on a spin! Yes, though the locations are indicated in the map level-wise, directions to the actual halls housing the various sections are not prominently displayed. This results in you going on a volute and ending up querying each time for directions.
Even the piecè de résistance viz, the Imax theater has a mere arrow of relatively small size only some four feet from it!
Hope the good folk in the museum would do something about it!
But please don’t get me wrong! This bellyaching on my part is prompted by only a feeling that such a marvel as this monumental museum should not have even this tiny deficiency!
End of the story!

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